Meet Chef Sheena

Sneaker lover. Basketball fanatic. Bible scholar.

There is more to chef Sheena than meets the eye... as a child running imaginary cooking shows, to becoming trained in multiple culinary styles, Sheena has always leaned into cuisine. With a passion and flair for blending flavors, and creating innovative profiles, her inventiveness has been esteemed in some of the most popular restaurants in the region. Developing best-selling specials, which quickly become menu staples, is a testament to not just her passion and drive to re-imagine dishes, but to her desire to share her God-given gifts with the world...

1013 Seasonings was founded by Chef Sheena's hunger to share the flavors of some of her most popular recipes, beyond her catering clientele. Whether serving 500 plus or one, Chef Sheena lives the belief that "We are the salt of the earth", and she hopes to provide quality hand-crafted blends that inspire with each bottle.

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